2022 Josephine Chardonnay Los Carneros

Our 2022 Los Carneros Josephine Chardonnay, named after Napa's first woman vintner, Josephine Tychson- and this wine does her justice. It embodies the true essence of craftsmanship and elegance. It's 100% barrel-fermented wine is the epitome of quality, with the added complexity of malolactic fermentation.
The Los Carneros region, nestled between Napa and Sonoma, is known for its unique terroir. Its cool climate and breezy conditions make it the ideal environment for growing world-class Chardonnay grapes, winemakers often refer to it as Napa's Burgundy.
We fermented in barrel, with daily stirring of the lees (Bâtonnage), which adds layers layers of complexity, creating a lush and velvety texture that beautifully complements the grape's natural acidity. It is a fantastic, first class chardonnay - smooth, rich, and full-bodied.
In addition to barrel fermentation, we incorporated malolactic fermentation, a secondary fermentation converts sharp malic acid into the softer, creamier lactic acid, resulting in a Chardonnay with buttery and vanilla notes. The balance of fresh fruit and these decadent flavors creates a truly harmonious palate.
There is an entire medley of ripe stone fruits, lots of pear and apricot, even some melon, while also accented by hints of citrus and tropical fruits. Subtle notes of toasted oak, vanilla, and buttery caramel round out the palate, followed by a wonderfully long and sensual finish.
And it is the perfect companion to a wide range of dishes. Pair it with grilled seafood, roasted chicken, creamy pasta, or even a selection of artisanal cheeses. 


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